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Manifold Science Cloud
Empowering Scientists to Do High Impact Science, Faster
Purpose-built software for
biomedical research workflows.
Study Participants
Study Managers
Data Stewards
Data Analysts
Data Scientists
Principal Investigators
Contribute Data Easily
Manage Participant Relationships
Organize and Govern Data
Accelerate Cohort Creation
Analyze Data at Scale
Publish High Impact Research
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Data of increasing scale, modality, velocity, and complexity.
This includes whole exome sequences from NGS, transcriptomics from RNA-seq, proteomics, metabolomics from mass spectrometers, high-resolution digital histology images, patient reported outcomes surveys, clinical data from electronic medical records, data from public annotation databases, etc.
High impact biomedical research requires efficient data operations.
The foundation is making scientific data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR). The dream is to have a scientist-focused operating model, plug-and-play flexibility with existing tools, scalable storage and compute, data governance as a first-class citizen, trust in the data, and a system that encourages sharing and collaboration.
FindableAccessibleInteroperableReusableGoverned ResponsiblyCollected EfficientlyBuilt for ScientistsIntegrated with Ecosystem
This new world demands new solutions.
The old tools are not working.

Scientists and clinical researchers need better software to work with today's complex data.

The IT department in research organizations is not designed to build software for scientific workflows.
Manifold's Science Cloud is a next-generation software suite
that provides an end-to-end solution for biomedical research.
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What can Science Cloud do for me?
Grant Making Foundations
Biobanks and Registries
Rare Disease Orgs
Cancer Centers
What are you trying to do?You fund ideas that push the boundaries of what's known today and have the potential to drive outsized impact. You have connected with leading researchers and are identifying up and coming researchers with fresh ideas. You are constructing programs to address structurally underfunded opportunities and finding ways to attract researcher attention to areas that could accelerate their work. Data and computation have changed the leading edge of research, and you want to ensure that scientists are not wasting their time and your funding to build duplicative computational infrastructure.

How can we help?Learn more about how Science Cloud can help significantly reduce the costs of computational infrastructure, simplify collaboration amongst your grantees, and accelerate high impact research.
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Advance Science Faster.
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